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Başlatan egeekiel, 24 Ksm 2020 00:41

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I am having an issue with teh Karanik Lord theme in SMF version 2.0.15.

I have been using the theme forever without any issues.

for some reason the dropdown menu at the top left will no longer dropdown in chrome or edge, however, works in Firefox. In Firefox, I click the down arrow that states Hello User, and there is would normally give me an option to read the latest unread posts or latest replies to my posts. Works great in Firefox, but it just clicks and nothing happens (no dropdown) in Chrome or Edge. I uploaded new fresh source files for Karanik-Lord from a newly downloaded zip file thinking maybe I had made a mistake messing around with a CSS file, however, the problem still exists.

Is this an issue with Chrome or Chromium's latest updates or is it something else. I have Kranik-Lord set as our forums default theme (3200+ members) and our members love it. I would hate to swap up a theme because of a simple dropdown menu glitch.

Its driving me nuts :)

Thanks in advance for any assistance.




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