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Başlatan KKOG, 18 Ksm 2020 04:44

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My group has been successfully using the Speedy Theme on our forum at www.kkog.org.au but now wish to migrate to another theme.  The problem I have now as forum administrator is that all posts in threads created while using the Speedy Theme display incorrectly.  I have reset the forum using the SMF 2.0.17 upgrade process and removed the Speedy Theme but the display is still incorrect. 
The question I have is: Did the Speedy Theme add any additional information or parameter to the post as it was stored in the database?

Thank you in advance for any assistance that can be provided

Greg Ralph
KKOG Forum Admin


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hello my friends

speedy theme does not add anything to the database

The source of the problem may be something else

You can check the correctness of theme paths with the following tool

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