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This is a really nice theme. I did notice though that there is a blank space in the last post column when viewing unread posts and replies on topics (see attachment)

How I can fix this to add the last post information?
Smf 2.0.X Temaları / Ynt: snrjforo
02 Ara 2018 11:00
Thank you  :)
Smf 2.0.X Temaları / Ynt: snrjforo
28 Ksm 2018 07:42
That worked; thank you. However, when I add that code, the generic icons (Warning_moderate, server, and help) are all removed when viewing from mobile.

I remove that block of code from my index.css, and they all come back.
Smf 2.0.X Temaları / Ynt: snrjforo
27 Ksm 2018 04:03
This is a great theme that I am considering starting a new forum with. Looks great, but the only issue is the posts are not coming in responsive and look smushed. (take a look at the attachments)

Do you know the fix for this?