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In World of Warcraft's new expansion, Dragonflight, the Profession System is completely changed and for the better. Unlike the previous expansions, your occupation will have a massive impact on your gameplay. There are so many changes that even veteran WoW players may have a hard time understanding and choosing the right job. To help you, in this article, we will go over the best professions in WoW Dragonflight. Here are Wowhead's recommendations for Wotlk Gold making!


Mining is the other gathering profession we have listed, and it is a solid way to make Gold by collecting Khaz'gorite Ore.

Make sure to upgrade your Metallurgy tree, and also specialize in Draconium mining which will boost Khaz'gorite Ore return which will help you upgrade it.


The Inscription profession is a great way to make money in Dragonflight. The main way you'll be making money is by crafting – and then selling – the extremely powerful Darkmoon Decks.

What's new for Inscription in Dragonflight are Darkmoon Deck Boxes, which are upgraded versions of Darkmoon Decks. Darkmoon Deck: Inferno is the regular version of the Deck that is Bind-on-Equip and can be sold via the Auction House. The new Darkmoon Deck Box: Inferno is a better version that allows players to access specific abilities that are available in the Crafting Order System.


It's ostensibly the most classic profession within MMOs. Alts with Jewelcrafting could turn your entire World of Warcraft play into a veritable gold mine. It falls trap to the same issue of Leatherworking and Tailoring, where the impact of your crafting skill won't constantly be seen, but it's an undeniable buff for friends and guildmates alike to know a well-versed Blacksmith. Across the Dragon Isles is a heft of new ores to experience, so don't imagine you can get too far without a means of extracting that ore — a Miner is almost demanded by the profession.

Once again, Crafting Orders in capital cities will be the ideal gold mine for this profession. Don't neglect the market; however — there's always a demand for highest crafted-BiS for weapons and armor alike.

Jewelcrafting in WoW

As a Jewelcrafter, you will make powerful Gems that can be attached to armor and weapons giving them special abilities. Another thing you can do as a Jewelcrafter is Glasswork. With this ability, you can make Empty Soul Cages to entrap elemental souls and Vials for alchemists. That makes this Jewelcrafting an in-demand occupation. Again, the higher the quality of your craft, the more money you will make. You can also make the Tiered Medallion Setting which allows you to add a socket to your Necklace. The number of sockets can be increased with higher Quality. The best part is that these Medallions are tradeable. So you can level up fast and make three socket Medallions to make a lot of Gold.


We have four herbs to collect, Hochenblume, Saxifrage, Writhebark, and Bubble Poppy. They can be found in a wide variety of areas, so you'll be hunting all over the Dragon Isles for these herbs. You can also find empowered or elemental Herbalism nodes, just like with Mining.

Herbalists also have access to seed planting. While gathering herbs, you will sometimes receive seeds that you can plant in rich soil to get herbs. Rich soil tends to be found where the dragon flights are more focused.

Herbs are going to be very useful. They will fuel Alchemy potions and Inscription inks as well as various recipes across other professions. The higher the quality, the better those crafts will be, especially potions, so Herbalism is going to be a great easy gold maker.

That's all from us on the Best Professions in WoW Dragonflight. Note that we mentioned these ones as they match our playstyle. You can also check out other occupations like Enchanting, Tailoring, Inscription, and more based on your gameplay. Hope it helps. If you like this guide or Buy Wotlk Gold to help you enjoy the game, please visit

Wall Street's Complexity versus Investors' Profits & Simplicity

"Any darn fool can make something complex; it takes a genius to make something simple."  -- Pete Seeger
As a long-time trader, I am living breathing proof that simplicity and profits are positively correlated while complexity and profits are inversely correlated.  In other words, as my 25 year investing career has jettisoned multiple methodologies and numerous indicators, my profits have became more regular and predictable while my losing ratio has diminished.  This is the absolute antithesis of what Wall Street wants you to believe.  

Wall Street lives and breathes on complexity.  They pitch derivatives of every variety and alternative funds for specific self-serving reasons.  
1.    They want to convince investors that it's far too complicated for them to manage their own money – therefore, the wisest decision is for investors to just give it to Wall Street managers instead.

2.    They try to assure you that with this complexity come "insider" rates of returns and big profits.  But then can you explain to me why so many university endowments and retirement funds are closing out their hedge fund positions?   Because the returns have not justified the risks, losses and complexity.

3.    Wall Street loves to use the cliché, "you get what you pay for" as justification for higher fees.  So then, can you explain to me again why so many academic studies have concluded that no load mutual funds outperform advisor-recommended loaded mutual funds?  The fact is that investors often do not get what they pay for.  
gold signal

The catalyst for this week's rant is that I cleaned out a closet with my old trading binders from over 20 years ago and was stunned by two observations.  The first thing I realized was that I had been so vulnerable to believing Wall Street's siren song of complexity.  The second thing was that it was obvious my trading methodology back then was unnecessarily complicated.  

To most individual investors, it seems counterintuitive when I preach my doctrine of simplicity, but it is precisely this simplicity that empowers you to outperform the professional money managers.  Layer on top of that my other sermon that no one will manage your money with the same passion and commitment as you yourself and you have the magic ingredients for achieving consistent success as a stock market investor.
gold signals

Wall Street is based on its own version of Yin & Yang as opposites and contrary forces are actually interconnected and interdependent.  In simplest terms, the market is made up of buyers and sellers, load and no load funds, passive and managed strategies.  The complexity and simplicity paradigm is just another example.  Much like life, one must decide to embrace the light or the dark, the hot or the cold, the high or low.  So too, as an investor, you must choose between the dichotomies that Wall Street offers you.

I am simply sharing the experiences of my own journey as an investor.  As I embraced the mantra of simplification in my investment methodology and my trading tools, my net worth grew.  My relatively small basket of 10 technical indicators and the Tensile Trading approach that I've written so much about are living testimonials to this mantra.

Albert Einstein famously said, "If I had one hour to save the world, I would spend 55 minutes defining the problem and five minutes implementing the solution."   If you were in a life threatening situation and had only one hour before it proved fatal, what would you do?   Einstein said he'd spend his time wisely asking probing questions to understand the problem in depth.  Having done that, he'd only need 5 minutes to address the issue.

Many new investors I meet in my classes totally flip around Dr. Einstein's approach.  They have an unstoppable inclination to jump right into the market, metaphorically speaking.  They'll trade impulsively for the first 55 minutes and then allocate the last 5 minutes trying to figure out what just happened.

Humor me, please.  Just go with this.  Place your hands on the table, turn down the lights and let's invite Albert Einstein to our séance to give us his advice.  If it was indeed possible to "channel" him, I suspect he would suggest approaching the market's first 55 minutes more like this:
gold trading strategy

You have accumulated certain assets.  Ask yourself if they are safe.  Dr. Einstein would challenge you to address asset protection, first and foremost.  Issues such as insurance, estate planning, identification theft, tax planning, record keeping and the like.  You have to secure what you've got.
Next, he would ask if you had thought through personal money management questions and committed yourself to a personal trading plan in writing.  It's shocking how few investors actually do this.  Einstein's objective here would be to make certain you grasp the full scope of the problem.

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